Basic Training

Our basic training program is one of the most comprehensive in the Pacific Northwest. This nine-month training begins each September. Training consists of weekly classroom or zoom meetings with field training outings held one weekend per month. These outings are where skills learned during meetings are applied in the field.

MCSOSAR provides unique opportunities to build self-esteem, confidence, interpersonal skills, lasting friendships and leadership. We welcome all skill levels, including those with little or no outdoor experience. We will give you the skills you need to become a successful and skilled, self-reliant searcher, and asset to your community.


We dedicate the first year of training to successfully complete the OSSA requiremets to get all incoming members to a Type 3 Searcher. Some members may qualify for Type 2 Certification. Our annual program teaches new members everything they need to know to earn their Oregon State Search & Rescue Certification.


Search training includes the four primary search types (Hasty/Trail, Open Grid, Closed Grid, Evidence), basic search theory, operating as a search team member and searching in wilderness and urban environments.

Rescue Techniques

Members learn rescue techniques such as patient packaging, litter carry, rough land evacuation, first aid, CPR, medical assessment, and helicopter extraction procedures.


Survival training topics consist of fire building, water purification, shelter building, snow and other emergency survival techniques. Our members must be able to take care of themselves as well as a subject, in any foreseeable scenario. Members are required to do overnight survival trainings throughout the year using only the equipment in their search packs. These exercises take place regardless of weather.


Members are taught map reading skills, navigation using a map and compass, how to read multiple coordinate systems, and advanced GPS use. Navigation training is one of the most difficult topics to master.

First Aid & More

All members learn basic patient assessment, and become certified in First Aid, CPR, and AED. Our program covers many other topics including mantracking, helo operations, water rescue, and more…

You Will Survive

Previous outdoor experience is not required. Only dedication, determination, and willingness to push yourself, and trust your team mates.

Intermediate / Advanced Training

Our Intermediate Training program is for members who have already successfully completed the Basic Training program. This is for members who have shown exceptional dedication and ability throughout the basic training program and are invited to advance their skillset over the following year.

Completion of the Intermediate Training is designed to meet the State Certification Type 2 or Type 1 criteria depending on the individiuals abilities.