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About Us

MCSOSAR is the primary Search & Rescue resource for Multnomah County. However, neighboring SAR teams in other counties occasionally request our assistance in their missions. When an emergency call goes out for a missing person, it is forwarded to the Sheriff's Office in whose county the missing person was last seen. Deputies, specially trained in commanding SAR operations, evaluate the emergency and determine what Search & Rescue resources are required. The Coordinator activates MCSOSAR by means of a phone tree. Upon receiving the call, our searchers quickly assemble at a common area (typically the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office) and are immediately dispatched to the search base. When on a search, teams may stay in the field or at the search base for many hours, or even days, as needed.

Our Services

As Search & Rescue experts, we have participated in many missions of all types.

Our Members

Throughout our history, over 1,000 Oregon State Certified Searchers have graduated from our ranks.

Our Missions

We have participated in over 1,500 missions for wilderness missing persons, urban missing persons, and criminal evidence searches.

Field Time

Our searchers have spent over 240,000 man-hours involved in missions, and over 1.25 million in total.