Recruiting Closed

2018-2019 Basic Training Recruiting Closed

Thank you for your interest in our program. We currently face a unique set of circumstances given the past, and upcoming year. Due to the 2017 Eagle Creek Fire, and subsequent closure of the vast majority of popular wilderness in Multnomah County, MCSOSAR Missions over the past year have been less than half the callouts of previous years. This trend is likely to continue, to some degree, through the duration of the trail closures, with a projected spike after routes are re-opened.

Our previous training year was shortened by a month, to gain some stabilization after the abrupt closure of the gorge, and time for our team to rebound from the 2,000+ man-hours spent during the week of the fire.

While we train to a standard well above the OSSA requirements, and many of our members have 300+ hours of training during their first year, we also rely on practical mission field time to round out their training and provide valuable real-world experience through their volunteer careers.

As a result in lieu of recruiting, and conducting a basic training year, we have decided to focus our training time internally, and provide intermediate/advanced skills training to our current membership, that will benefit ourselves and the public once the gorge trails reopen.