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Location: Portland Providence Hospital – Social Room
4805 NE Glisan St
Portland OR 97213

October 12th, and 19th

MCSOSAR is recruiting for our annual class. Training will begin in October 2018 and run through early June 2019. Each year, our members donate thousands of hours to help make the remote areas of Multnomah County safer for those who live and recreate here. Our primary function is to perform ground searches in Multnomah County, including finding lost hikers, hunters, climbers, skiers, children, as well as Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. We also provide opportunities for local youth to build self-esteem, confidence, interpersonal skills, lasting friends, and experience in leadership positions. Officer and leadership positions among our general membership is entirely staffed by volunteer high-school aged youth, both in training and live missions.

You’re welcome to come to our orientation meetings to learn more about our team, our process, and the training year. Training begins November 1st, with classroom training every Wednesday, and field training one weekend a month.

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Who can join?

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue (MCSOSAR) is seeking dedicated, highly motivated young adult volunteers that are at least 14 years old.

The Training

MCSOSAR conducts a seven-month training program beginning in November. Training consists of weekly classroom meetings, and monthly field outings where we spend a weekend training in the field. No wilderness experience is necessary to join, we will give you the skills to become a successful searcher, and an asset to your community. Our program teaches new members everything they need to know to earn their Oregon State Search & Rescue Certification.


Search training includes the four primary wilderness search types (Hasty/trail, open grid, closed grid, and evidence), basic search theory, operating as a search team member, and searching in an urban environment.

Rescue Techniques

Members learn rescue techniques such as patient packaging, medical assessment, first-aid, CPR+AED, litter carry, rough land evacuation, and helicopter extraction procedures.


Map reading skills are essential to Search & Rescue. You will learn how to navigate with map and compass, including map reading, compass use, and handheld GPS.

The Cost

The training provided by MCSOSAR is not available elsewhere in such a comprehensive manner. There are however some inherent costs involved. New members are asked to pay New Membership Dues of $150. This money covers an issued First Aid kit, uniform shirts, good quality compass, and food for most meals during our training outings. After certification, returning members pay an annual membership of $60 which goes directly towards meals through the upcoming training season.

Personal Equipment

Our team has unit equipment for some expensive items like handheld GPS units, and our radios for communications. Survival gear, and search packs are purchased by-in-large by the individual members. They are responsible for their upkeep, maintenance, and ready status. Much of our equipment list is standard camping gear. We have some specific requirements due to the nature of our work, and the versatility that our gear requires.

For our first training outing in October, recruits need to have the minimum gear required outlined in our October Gear List

Full search pack requirements can be found HERE

Application Packets

Application packets are due for new members by Wednesday, October 3, 2018. Applications should be turned in to the MCSOSAR Secretary, or Assistant Head Advisor.

Youth Application – New Member

Adult Application – New Member

New Member Dues

We strive to keep membership dues to a minimum. Despite the cost, we do not make profit from membership dues. New membership fee is $150. This includes two field uniform shirts, training manual, compass, first aid kit, and most meals on training outings. Dues may be submitted as a single payment. If you are unable to pay the balance by 10/31, you may follow the payment schedule below. If you cannot afford these fees, would like to arrange a payment plan other than the one offered below, or for information about financial aid, please contact Head Advisor Ta Adams Keller

Payment Options: Cash, Check, Paypal (online) or Card (via Paypal)

1st payment $25 due by Wednesday, 10/4/2018
2nd payment (upon acceptance into the unit) of $125 due by Wednesday, 10/31/2018

Note: Failure to attend, or withdrawl from Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue does not constitute grounds for a refund of fees. Uniforms and equipment paid for by dues will remain your property, but all Sheriff’s Office patches must be removed and returned.

Full Membership: $150

Initial Membership Fee: $25
Do not use this if you’ve paid the full dues.

2nd Installment Membership Fee: $125
Do not use this if you’ve paid the full dues.