Chain of Command


Our organization is staffed by 100% unpaid, very dedicated volunteers. The general membership is made up of both youth and adult members as young as 14 years old. We currently have an active roster of approximately 50 volunteers, and are always seeking additional support. Our history, and our mission statement expresses a continuing dedication to support young adults, by fostering a sense of community service, developing self-confidence, self-reliance, ownership, responsibility, and leadership skills. Each year our members dedicated thousands of man-hours to help make the remote areas of Multnomah County, and the Pacific Northwest, safer for those who live and recreate here.


Our unit fits into a unique niche in the SAR community by holding onto a dedication and emphases on youth development and leadership created from our origins as an Explorer Post. The general membership has traditionally been directly supervised by our youth officers (age 15-18). These positions include:

President – Bella Mounsey

Vice President – Mika Steyskal

Alpha Team

Team Leader – Coleman Neher
Assistant Team Leader – Lucy Nelson

Bravo Team

Team Leader – Octavo Maran
Assistant Team Leader – Phoebe Diamond

Charlie Team

Team Leader – Hannah Witscher
Assistant Team Leader – Ezra Tolzmann

Delta Team

Team Leader – Ella Jones
Assistant Team Leader – Kendal Beauvais


Advisors are adult members who assist the Command Staff to provide overall supervision and direction for MCSOSAR activities. They act as training resources, counselors, and role models for the general membership.


Ta Adams Keller
Bea Bacher
Curt Croft
Jake Keller
Jamen Lee

Jason Paulson
Caleb Richie
Tom Spencer
Ryan Summers
Greg Wood



Head Advisor – Ta Adams Keller

taTa has been with us since 1995. Joining us as a youth at the age of 16, she has held many leadership positions throughout the years. To contact her directly please email

Assistant Head Advisor – Jake Keller

jakeJake joined at 15 years old in 1999. He is currently responsible with overseeing our training program to certify incoming members, and conduct intermediate and advanced training with certified members to maintain our operational status. To contact Jake for training information, or combined agency training please email

Head Logistics Advisor – Jason Paulson

paulsonPaulson joined MCSOSAR as a youth in the fall of 1996. He is currently in charge of our logistics staff maintaining our operational readiness. To contact him directly please email

Basic Training Advisor – Ryan Summers

Ryan has been with us since 2013. He is currently responsible with overseeing our training program to certify incoming members to a basic Oregon State SAR . To contact Ryan for training information, please email