‘I’m happy they came down and there were no injuries’


MULTNOMAH FALLS, Ore. – An Estacada man and his nephew managed to hike out and find rescuers on Friday morning after spending a chilly night in the woods around Multnomah Falls.

Dean Adams, 50, and his nephew Kyle Miller, 6, hunkered down for the night near Horsetail Falls after losing their way, searchers said.

The two had originally set off on Thursday afternoon on the Larch Mountain trail hoping to reach the Multnomah Falls visitor’s center by evening.

They didn’t show up at the designated time and a family member called police around 1 a.m.

Adams said he had some granola bars, water and Gatorade with him. The uncle and nephew used a coat to stay warm.

“I could have been better, but I was pretty prepared,” Adams said.

He said they got disoriented on Thursday night and decided to spend the night where they were. Then on Friday morning they hiked out and eventually ran into a search team.

“He didn’t cry,” Adams said of his nephew. “Might have been a little scared but he didn’t let on to it at all.”

Four teams of searchers combed the 6-mile Larch Mountain trail from both sides on Friday morning and didn’t find them on the main trail. They were eventually spotted on a separate trail.

Searchers said Adams and Miller were in good condition.

“I’m ecstatic. I’m happy they came down and there were no injuries and they’re okay,” said Irene Adams, who is Dean’s mother. “The rescue team was fantastic. They really covered a lot of ground.”

When you go out hiking, Multnomah County search and rescue coordinator Troy Hakala recommends carrying a fully-charged cell phone. That way rescuers can try to locate you by pinging the phone.

“It’s always a great feeling when you put so much effort in something like that and it turns out okay,” Hakala said.


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